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Thematic sections

Articles are published in the journal “Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property” in the following sections:

This section publishes scientific articles that reveal theoretical and practical aspects of the legal protection of works and objects of related rights, the legal status of copyright and related rights holders, the exercise of moral and proprietary rights, the disposal of proprietary copyright and related rights, and other issues related to the field of copyright and related rights.

This section deals with current aspects of the legal protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, means of individualization, acquisition and enforcement of rights to such objects, and other issues related to the protection of industrial property rights and means of individualization.

This section covers all topical issues related to the defence of intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to the qualification of intellectual property rights infringements, application of remedies, peculiarities of court proceedings, evidence and proving. This section also includes articles on the self-defence of intellectual property rights and alternative dispute resolution procedures.

This section includes articles related to the latest technologies and their impact on legal regulation, innovative development, and innovative sectors of activity.

This section deals with research in the field of economics that is directly related to or tangential to the field of intellectual property, including the problems of economic evaluation and commercialization of intellectual property rights.

This section includes the results of interdisciplinary research or articles that are not directly related to other sections of the journal but are devoted to a current topic of scientific and/or practical importance.

Reviews are published separately. The “Review” section is not permanent and is included in the journal as needed.

The author may specify the desired section for the publication of their article in the cover letter.
The final decision on assigning an article to a particular section is made by the editorial board based on the content of the article.