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Editorial policy

The editorial board is guided by the international ethical rules of scientific publications.

The editorial board adheres to the policy of open access. User access to the entire content of the journal is freely available and free of charge, with the aim of disseminating scientific information, promoting the development of science and knowledge exchange for general social progress and well-being. Access to matherials published in the journal is provided under the terms of the free license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. This allows the user to read, save on any device, copy, print, and distribute in electronic (digital) or material form the full text of each published material.

The editorial board adheres to the policy of ensuring high-quality independent double-blind peer review. Articles are submitted to reviewers after all author(s) data is removed, including data from file settings. The names of the reviewers and any data that may identify the reviewers are not disclosed to the authors.

Published materials express the position of the author(s) which may not be shared by the editorial board.

The author (each of the co-authors) is responsible for the content of their material, in particular, the accuracy of the information and the observance of the rights of the authors of the cited works. If the publication of the material causes damage to any third party, the author (each of the co-authors) shall be liable to a such third party.

The editorial board has the right to edit and shorten manuscripts.

The editorial board has the right to cancel the decision to accept the manuscript for publication and/or to remove the published article (review) from the relevant issue of the journal and its electronic copies if it is found that the publication of the article (review) violates the rights of any person.