№ 2 / 2016


Soloshchuk M., Shuba I. Fortune of «Intellectual property» discipline in times of changes

Kapitsa Yu. The European patent with unitary effect and new opportunities of patenting in the European Union

Olefir A. Limiting the scope of patent protection as a means of restoring the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry

Rabotiagova L. The invention and utility model as objects of contractual regulation

Zinych L. Aspects of state’s participation in contractual relations regarding the usage of industrial property objects

Vakhonieva T. Concept and types of agreements on creation and transfer of copyrighted works

Shtefan A. Admissibility of evidence in civil proceedings

Prokhorov-Lukin G. Problems of definition and damages in civil cases concerning the infringement of intellectual property rights in the EU

Gumega O. Judicial protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine as one of the principles of civil law

Petrenko A. Copyright in the sphere of the open source software

Ivaschenko V. Legal reglamentation of copyright in the USSR in 60–80s of XX century

Stefanchuk M. Тo the question of the historical and legal development of the category «natural person»

Agafonova N. The issue of constitutional reform in modern Ukraine

Bayik O. On the issue of terminological definitions in the tax legislation of Ukraine (on the example of «royalty»)