№ 3 / 2015


Kashyntseva O. National Patent Reform in the sphere of Health Care on the principle of Rule of Human Rights

Petrenko I. Features of use of literary works in the public domain, international experience and national practice

Kovalenko T. Management of copyright and related rights

Zaitseva A. Problems of determination of the jurisdiction of the courts

Petrenko S. The scope of the specific tasks during the forensic examination for compliance of an invention (utility model) with novelty patentability conditions

Koval I. Legislative regulation of contractual relations in the field of intellectual property: the state and prospects of development

Androschuk G., Davymuka S. Art market and resale right in the EU and Ukraine: economic and legal analysis

Kharchenko V. Counteraction intellectual piracy is in Ukraine: providing of a guard of intellectual ownership rights or affecting method public policy and mechanism of unfair competition

Karpenko S. Refunds on deposits of physical persons of banks in the process of liquidation: financial and legal aspects

Kurowski S. On some aspects of the state to guarantee the legal protection of bank relationships